Then love is the essence of virtue. Bombay, 21 February Foreword. JIDDU KRISHNAMURTI WAS born in India in and, at the age of thirteen, was. In Krishnamurti said: “It is only when the mind is not escaping in any form that it is possible to be in direct communion with that thing we call lonlin. 8 Jul Continuing with my quest of reading more on J Krishnamurti I picked up On Love and Loneliness. It is his series of discourse recorded as a.

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J.krishnamjrti I was going through a difficult time myself, on love and loneliness got me to question the love I have for myself, and my surrounding and to understand better the difference between loneliness and aloneness. The idea, the word is not love. Loneliness is the awareness of complete isolation; and are not our activities self-enclosing?

Sorrow ends only when we lonelinesa the fact of sorrow, when we understand and go beyond both the cause and the effect. She spoke quietly and hesitantly, with the voice of one who had suffered much; and she was very orthodox; for she belonged to an ancient caste that held itself high, and whose tradition it was to have no dealings with other groups, either through marriage or through commerce.

Lonelinesss smoke, drink and often eat meat, thinking nothing of it. Want to Read saving…. They may seem to be selfless, but they are actually concerned with themselves, only in a different way. This has nothing to do with being educated.

The overall discourse on love and dealing with solitude is easily agreeable upon and very understandable. Harper Perennial literary fiction and nonfiction. But to put certain feelings into words is not easy, especially when one has never before expressed them in words. Jul 31, Zemirah rated it it was amazing. When you love, is thought functioning? They are losing and not gaining, even though they have money and position.


You are attentive all the time because the child is yours, you must care for it, you must love it, you must hold it. You may hide emptiness under the word love, but when the object of your love is no longer there or does not respond, then you are aware of emptiness, you are frustrated.

If you are afraid, you won’t look; you will turn your head away. Apr 12, Medeya rated it liked it. Epic Reads young adult. Therefore opening a pathway for us to discover what true love really is.

On Love and Loneliness – Jiddu Krishnamurti – Paperback

I picked this book to accompany me during my trek in Kashmir; and I think it was a great fit for the journey. It’s something you don’t understand, and in that sense it’s like a disease that will keep on recurring; so it’s meaningless to run away from it.

While it adresses the basic issue of every human life, our relationships with self and others it has been particularly relevant to me now. So what is love? Anger is not different from me; I am anger. Jul 02, Arun rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: You feel lonely, isolated, and if you could, you would run away from that feeling; but fortunately for yourself, you have been unable to find a means of doing so.

Harper Voyager science fiction and fantasy.

Books by Jiddu Krishnamurti. The entity who tries to fill or run away from emptiness, incompleteness, loneliness, is not different from that which he is avoiding; he is it.


Words are terrible things, aren’t they?

On Love and Loneliness

See it and you will put away your ambition, your greed, altogether. Painfully yet beautiful words. Starnagley, paradoxically but just as he indicates as I have made my way into the wrold of aloneness has my sense of separation from others;”me’ versus “them” has begun to bleed out of me. Now I’m going to go shave my head and chant “gorilla gorilla gorilla” at the j.krishnamrti until somebody feeds me a Cinnabon with triple frosting.

Can you look without the movement of the mind?

Inhowever, Krishnamurti renounced the role that he was expected to play, dissolved the Order with its huge following, and returned all the money and property that had been donated for this work.

Socially, there may be j.kriishnamurti difference; but psychologically, the man who runs away from himself, from his own emptiness, whose escape is his search for God, is on the same level as the drunkard. And with the ending of suffering there is love. Return to Book Page.

Not the image or the symbol of self, but the actual spectra of emotions or a process of the universe. It is not pleasure. The best thing about J. Completely round and full, the moon was making a path of light on the moving waters, and it was huge – you couldn’t have held it in your arms.

I was a terrible way to live and I inflicted in its throws great harm.

It had such sparkling bright eyes and sharp claws.