Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco has ratings and reviews. Milo said: I have a love/hate relationship with this book. The writing and ima. Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco has ratings and reviews. LaReina said: Throughout the years, I have heard great things about One Flew O. . Find a Jack Nitzsche – Banda Sonora Original De La Pelicula: Alguien Voló Sobre El Nido Del Cuco (One Flew Over The Cucko’s Nest) first pressing or reissue.

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Still giving it 2 stars instead of 1 because of the imagery, but damn, I really don’t understand the high ratings for this book. Not liking this at all. But this pile of racist, nid, anti-feminist, women-hating garbage?

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Before we glorify such a book, we have to sit down and figure out what exactly masculinity is outside of a cultural setting before we can complain volp culture itself is taking it away.

I honestly don’t und I don’t understand the love for this book.

KESEY, Ken. Alguien Volo Sobre el Nido del Cuco.

He put her through hell everyday and I think she had every right to do the same to him. McMurphy is a violent loser who is just trying to get out of his court ruled prison sentence; and he’s supposed to be the picture of masculinity?

Kesey’s narrative skews the orderlies’ and Ratched’s intentions in a reactionary lens of misogyny and racism, where women and people of color are not to be viewed as anything more than sexual conquests, lesser, and targets for violence. She is not blank, authoritative bureaucracy. I ended up rooting for Big Nurse out of pure spite. And, not to seem like an ingrate, but I just can’t relate. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco by Ken Kesey (1 star ratings)

And he’s a repulsive shit too. But my major issue with the book is the portrayal of mental health treatment as being mostly useless. And you just listen to the man, man, because the man just has you in his grip.


He lands himself in dell ward because of satitory rape and his ultimate solution to the “Big Nurse” is to rape her too. When the film won five Academy Awards, Kesey was barely mentioned during the award ceremonies, and he made known his unhappiness with the film. I albuien of liked the main character unreliable narrator – but his story just wasn’t compelling. It’s sometimes hard to follow, sometimes goes off on a tangent.

He studied at the University of Oregon, where he acted in college plays. The movie is about ‘the individual -v- society’ and the novel is more aalguien -v- emasculating, tyrannical and manipulative matriarchs and their enablers’. It’s unsurprising that this book would be popular with high school and college students.

KESEY, Ken. Alguien Volo Sobre el Nido del Cuco.

Honestly, wasn’t a book for me. The value of laughter is emphasized in the book. Get to Know Us. This strikes me as so overrated, and disappointingly juvenile in its fundamental point of view — “THEY” are out to get you, everyone in concert, just to spoil your good time. At pages, just over a third of the way through the book, the “plot” McMurphy’s war with Nurse Ratched is only just begin DNF on page Refresh and try again.

Alguien voló sobre el nido del cuco

The book had its moments but I found it full of nonsense chit chat between characters. I decided to read this novel because it is lauded as a great modern classic and I had it on my to-read list, plus I’d seen and enjoyed the film many years ago. We can’t let her continue to emasculate everyone with her power. Nurse Ratched is a nightmare in and of herself, the ever-smiling nurse, with the soft but insidious voice, all her malice, rage and malevolence bound behind a mask of gentle, benevolent care.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. In Kesey was arrested for possession of marijuana. Because being a woman is degrading. Once Chief said this, I realized that this is a book that I would feel indifferent to.


I should have seen the kinda got spoilers in here, near the end mostly Really wish I could just focus on the great parts of this book, but the sexism is so damn heavy that it left me all tired and completely distracted from the heart of the story. Bromden introduces us to the other committed men in the asylum, as well as their caregivers: Things are topsy-turvy in this ward, and only McMurphy can set things right!

Kesey spent his early years hunting, fishing, swimming; he learned to box and wrestle, and he was a star football player. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The entire story just seemed to be a bunch of random moments thrown together with one big climax.

He is full sovre faults, full to the brim with them! Last Go AroundKesey’s last book, was an account of a famous Oregon rodeo written in the form of pulp fiction. Both highlight how your behaviour is deemed normal based on the context of your environment and explains the need to adjust to your surroundings if you wish to evade being a target of suspicion and ridicule.

It took me 19 days to read it, and for 10 or so of those 19 days I would read a page or two and leave it at that, moving on to more interesting things. The book implies that women have emasculated the men and the only way a man can free oneself is to physically attack women.

The writing and imagery are superb and I always love a “down with tyrannical overloads, generic living, and medicalization” moral, but its other lesson leaves me cringing. And the rampant misogyny continues unabated.