NEW eBook: Malzahn Auburn Offense Playbook Breakdowns I’ve learned so much from diving deep into Malzahn’s offense over the. Here are four basic play designs from Auburn last season, along with their install sheets from Malzahn’s offensive playbook (when he was. Here’s how Malzahn’s blocking schemes have played a big role in tha. out of the LSU offensive coordinator’s playbook by using a fly sweep.

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The play side guard wants to kick the strongside linebacker, and the backside guard needs to seal the weakside linebacker.

Watch the whole course here. How to create a takeaway culture in your football program.

The Buck Sweep and multiple looks that Auburn has designed off of it is a staple of their offense and a solid starting point when examining their playbook. The only other lead blocker is the quarterback, who is naturally carrying out his play fake in that direction.

Like most spread teams, Auburn also has many variations of the inside zone concept. The play side tackle and center down block away from the play while the guards pull. You need a word association that is easy for your players to understand and remember.

NEW eBook: Malzahn Auburn Offense Playbook Breakdowns – Pro Style Spread Offense

You should strive to incorporate verbiage that your players use or are aware of in their everyday lives. That comes from the power of simplicity and practicing the same thing over and over again. The end crashes so the quarterback keeps the ball and rolls outside. Building on the previous point, the best way for your players to memorize and then recall your system is for them to be able to associate a theme with another idea.

Both power and inside zone are inside runs — to get outside, Auburn utilizes the sweep play with pulling guards. Coaching football is hard enough as it is, so the last thing you need is a bunch of complex verbiage that makes it more difficult to teach your players your scheme and to make adjustments within that scheme as the game goes along.


Deciphering the Malzahn playbook. Already have an account? Notice how the tempo of the play affects the defense. Blocking schemes are much more complicated than the average fan understands.

The theme must be flexible enough to expand in the future if necessary. The skill players might execute a power sweep option, but the line just blocks power. Bending inside on 2nd step rather than 3rd, I assume is to keep block underneath and force Mike to come over top. Pplaybook Article Previous post: Take an example from Malzahn himself.

He has the third option of throwing the ball to the sniffer running an arrow from across the formation and does. Stidham sees that and takes his bubble screen option. This variation of the zone read turns the sniffer into a pass option rather than a blocker. This is especially true if you make your living as a high speed no-huddle offense.

The theme must allow the verbal command to be interpreted with physical motion by the signaler.


Though the Auburn offense could look extremely complicated, its success hinges on three run blocking schemes: Malzahn keeps it simple for them instead of overburdening the offensive line with too many schemes. The focus of his offense goes from inside out.

The theme needs to be simple for the players to remember and to relate to. Being able to run play action passing concepts off of multiple run looks allows an offense to run their favorite concepts with a variety of looks to keep the defense honest.

How to create a takeaway culture in your football program Blocking schemes are much more complicated than the average fan understands. Naturally, on a sweep play, a reverse can be advantageous when the defense begins to over-pursue. Those base concepts are impetus of all of the different plays and options they run. The play involves a run fake to the running back and the backside guard pulling, once again to hold the linebackers from scraping over to the edge to make a play on the eventual screen pass.

Even as the head coach of a big-time program, those lpaybook are still prominent in the construction of his offense. Then they could run the power option play that Cam Newton made famous during his time with Auburn. Continually operating ahead of the chains with a successful run game can open up multiple dimensions mmalzahn a play-caller. The backside tackle is taught to peel off and block the edge of where the reverse is going, while the backside receiver crack-blocks the safety to his side.


A Firsthand Look at the X’s and O’s of Gus Malzahn’s Offense

Most of the passing game is predicated upon play action, speaking to defenses being committed to stopping the Auburn rushing attack. The Tigers have ridden his unique, run-heavy spread system playboik four ranked finishes in his five malzaun as head coach. Assignments can completely change from play to play depending on the front. For example, they run many variations of power, but the blocking scheme remains the same. You need to find words that all relate to one another and.

He has to a lot of space to cover and make an open-field tackle, which he fails to do.

The running back needs to continue laterally until he sees daylight, then wants to turn upfield and hit the crease in between the two guards. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt You can take this approach even further to add related terms for screens, trick plays, etc.

His system is run-based but disguises those basic run schemes through formation and pre-snap motions and shifts. This mazlahn design is predicated upon the foundation of Buck Sweep and the defense having seen the play enough to begin flowing to the direction of the sweep, only to be caught off guard by the misdirection. Again, the line is just focused on its inside zone blocking assignments while the skill players vary their assignments.

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn is widely recognized as one of the best offensive minds in football. Once again, the blocking remains the same on all of these concepts.