SMC K.T. Weir Needle offered by Suvarna Fibrotech Private Limited, a leading supplier in Midc Bhosari, Pune, Maharashtra. The Company was incorporated in . Whenever the water level in the KT-weir at Ichalkaranji recedes, the wastewater has a tendency to flow- back in the upstream direction of the KT-weir and. 13 Nov Special Repair Of Kt Weir Loni Puranki At Tal Khatav. | Due date: 17 Nov, | Tender work Value: | Tender Location: Satara.

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Suvarna Fibrotech Private Limited H. Friday, November 09, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These are custom built and offer long functional life by withstanding extreme weather conditions and hydraulic pressures. Weirs are k.t.eir used to control the flow rates of rivers during periods of high discharge.

SMC K.T. Weir Needle

Weirs for this purpose are commonly found upstream of towns and villages and can either be automated or manually operated. The Irrigation department would install fibreglass composite molded gates, which have anti-corrosion quality and could withstand weather effects.

Can navigation locks be used to help migratory fishes with poor swimming performance k.t.weir tidal barrages?

Typically the reduced river velocity upstream can lead to increased siltation deposition of fine particles of silt and clay on the river bottom that reduces the water oxygen content and smothers invertebrate habitat and fish spawning sites. Receive Verified supplier details. This section includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.


The energy created by the change in height of the water can then be used to power waterwheels and power sawmills, grinding wheels and other equipment. The government will spend Rs 1. There is no single definition as to what constitutes a weir and one English dictionary simply defines a weir as a small damlikely originating from Middle English wereOld English werderivative of root of werian, meaning “to defend, dam”.

There are many different types of weirs and they can vary from a simple stone structure that are barely noticeable, to elaborate and very large structures that require extensive management and maintenance. For other k.t.wer, see Weir disambiguation.

Foundation laid for KT-Weir dam across Siddipet Vagu

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Weir Needle Approx Price: They are commonly seen in locations where a river has multiple users who may need to bypass the structure. Unlike dams, k.g.weir do not usually prevent downstream fish migration as water flows over the top and allows fish to bypass the structurealthough they can create flow conditions that injure juvenile fish.

Irrigation and Drainage Engineering. Weirs constructed for this purpose are especially common on the River Thamesand most are situated near each of the river’s 45 locks.

Tender for Special Repair Of Kt Weir Loni Puranki At Tal Khatav | Tenders in Satara Maharashtra

A common design would be one where a weir is broad-crested for much of its length, but has a section where the weir stops or is ‘open’ so that small boats and fish can traverse the structure. A compound weir is any weir that comprises several different designs into one structure. The State government is looking forward to build such projects across k.t.weur State.


Skip to content Main Menu. Archived from the original on 30 July These are made from the highest-grade raw materials and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art k.t.wejr using cutting-edge technologies.

Retrieved 20 May Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. Weather proof Termite proof.

Foundation laid for KT-Weir dam across Siddipet Vagu

In some areas, bridge-cum-barrages would be built to provide road connectivity to villagers living on both sides of the road. The standard rectangular weir is, for example, a polynomial weir of order zero. A test with lampreys. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many larger weirs will have features built in that allow boats and river users to “shoot the weir” and navigate by passing up or down stream without having to exit the river.

The oxygen content typically returns to normal once water has passed over the weir crest although it can be hyper-oxygenatedalthough increased river velocity can scour the river bed causing erosion and habitat loss.

In some locations, the terms dam and weir are synonymous, but normally there is a clear distinction made between the structures. Please enter your Email ID. Flow measurement weirs must be well maintained if they are to remain accurate.