Hitty Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field – Hitty is a doll of great charm and character. It is indeed a privilege to publish her memoirs, which, besides. Rachel Field’s Hitty, Her First Hundred Years. Rosemary Wells, Author, Susan Jeffers, Illustrator Simon & Schuster $ (p) ISBN Find great deals on eBay for Hitty Her First Hundred Years in Books for Children and Young Adults. Shop with confidence.

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I wouldn’t have been interested in this book based on its description, but it’s delightful. The stuff with the former slaves would be fairly easy to adjust, but what about the natives in the South Seas? Her First Hundred Years. Charles Dickens and John Greenleaf Yeags, to anchor the date. Prayer for a Child. Set up and electrotyped. I can never forget the P engraved on the hearth, that is forever burned into my brain.

Also shop in Also shop in. I had remembered the basic outline but had forgotten so many of Hitty’s adventures and the families that she went through.

A favorite from my childhood, which remains in my personal library even now. But Yars went down the hall, past the mat where very young children have story time. These books were heralded as not yearrs appropriate for children, but were the “best of the best.

I’m no animal rights activist, but, I can still understand that the meat I eat came from an animal who had thoughts and feelings not that far removed from my own.

Those who crack open this book will be glad to travel through time and around the world with Hitty. The dialect switches from the perfect English that had been used the whole book by all of the white characters to “I is gwine to tell you one thing,” and “Whiter now dan de dribben snow. You know why I can’t give up my toys? Free eBook available to NEW subscribers only. I don’t want to ever forget this book again.


How did this get such a high average rating? We googled Hitty and found that this story was i The narration of a doll gave this story an unusual viewpoint. In fact, it was fun and entertaining to read. Signed in pencil by Dorothy Lathrop o Hitty has many adventures that take her around the world, and when she encounters natives of an eastern aisle, she calls them savages, which I guess is what most Americans at the time would have called them.

This page was last updated: View all 21 comments. I think I can safely blame this book for my dislike of dolls now. It’s a bit condescending of the author to just switch like that for one ethnic group.

Hitty’s adventures in a way reminded me of The Voyages of Doctor Dolittleanother Newbery book, but were far superior and way more entertaining. I came away feeling so grateful that she had managed to keep her name thanks to her embroidered chemise, and wished that all older dolls were as fortunate.

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field

It was common for Hitty to tell us the disposition of her new companion rather than show us. Read as part of the Read the Newberys” reading project. Over a hundged of years Hitty can hear all that goes on around her but cannot speak or influence her fate, but we know at some point she has been able to tell her story. Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.

And what an adventure the history of this doll proves to be! Open Preview See a Problem? Hitty sees the whales as monsters and has not even a moment of sympathy for them. Lathrop, Macmillan.


Some owners are kind, others careless. According to Ruth Hill Vigeurs in her introduction to Rachel Field’s children’s book Calico Bush published inRachel Field was “fifteen when she first visited Maine and fell under the spell of its ‘island-scattered coast’. After many Newbery discussions about how disappointed we were furst the hyndred of books and our assumed age of their readers, this is exactly what I’d been hoping for, and I can imagine lots of young people being engrossed in hearing Hitty’s story.

We do hope Hitty’s next years are easier than the last! Calico Bush still stands out as a near-perfect re-creation of people and place in a story of courage, understated and beautiful.

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years

Usually at the halfway mark things start to pick up, right? Hitty charmed and impressed children and adults who beheld her. Telling the tale is Hitty, a little ash wood peg doll who, over the course of years, is lost, found, stolen, and goes on many adventures and witness quite a few historic events.

Carrie said that she had to read it when she was twelve or thirteen and that she hated it.

From her respectable beginnings within het puritanical home she moves into situations that would scandalize most proper folk. Retrieved from ” https: Jun 14, Ensiform rated it liked it Shelves: But Hitty is born in Maine, specifically on Cranberry Island, some two nautical miles from the library itself. In elementary school I had read Rachel Field’s Hitty: