Q: Why is “Strange Apparitions” the best Batman run? – @IanGonzales. A: See what I mean about these questions that include their own. Batman has ratings and 44 reviews. Lᴀʏᴀ said: First off, I would like to state that I’m very torn about my rating for this graphic novel. On one hand. For a full discussion of Hugo Strange’s convoluted history in the comic books, Pre -Crisis and Post-Crisis, you should examine “Timeline: The.

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Batman: Strange Apparitions

Strange Apparitions part of the post-Crisis Year One main continuity, and if so, why? He did, but he also wrote a solo Batman series immediately dubbed the “definitive” version that later became Warner Brothers’ first Batman film the good one. In general, if we consider its objective importance to the Bat-verse, Strange Apparitions will be a solid 8. Together they provide pictures that are at once moody and sharp and exquisitely defined. This political pressure is fronted by Rupert Thornelocal corrupt boss.

Artwise, much has been said of Marshall Rogers’ elegant style, with its intricate details, impressive sense of layout and design, and the genuine expressiveness of its characters. Resisting these strange new feelings, Hugo grabs a pair of Monster Men and–dressed in his best evil finery–holds a sinister auction: This artwork is a joy to look at and if the story were rotten it would still be worth buying this collection just to see the Batman look like the Batman should!

Of all the villains who’ve had Batman unconscious and at their mercy, Hugo was the only one with the insight to go, “Hey, maybe I should unmask this guy!

Feb 17, Scott Rogers rated it it was amazing. I can at least safely presume to call it one of the most important and influential Batman comics of all time, and for that alone I urge you to track down the trade paperback.

Other books in the series. Batman 1 – 10 of books. This event or storyline is specifically related to Batmanor to members of the Appparitions Family.

This run had an excellent sla I was interested in reading a classic Batman story or two and realized that I wanted to go back and re-read the classic Steve Englehart run of Batman in Detective Comics from back in the mid’s. View all 9 comments. Unfortunately that more will have to come from back issue bins – at least until someone decides to collect Englehart’s Justice League America.


They don’t try to be edgy or shocking. But since we’re not supposed to post “Answers” which are little more than posted links to something on another website, I will now try to elaborate a bit with a bare-bones summary of the crucial facts: Bruce Wayne meets the beautiful and intriguing Silver St.

Batman: Strange Apparitions | DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection | Volume 42

Jan 02, Apparigions rated it liked it Shelves: This is also something I cannot recommend to novices right away but should be explored for posterity’s sake no less. The first two issues are drawn by the great Walt Simonson, but unfortunately his pencils are smothered by Al Milgrom’s awkward inks. Post a new comment. Now, bbatman any of the other villains discovered that Bruce was Apparitlons, they’d likely just use it as a means to destroy their enemy.

This run had an excellent slate of villains too, Penguin, Deadshot, Dr. It’s also interesting to see how much of a jerk Batman was made out to be, and how he has developed beyond that. But as for the exact nature of his return as well as the return of Boss Thorne! And The Killing Fish is easily apparent as the inspiration for the chemicals p 3.

All reds and yellows, shiny chrome and wrist-mounted magnums to make a better contrast to the guy in blue and grey who sticks to the shadows and never uses guns. They are not dated nor do they portray Batman much differently than he is batmah. It’s intricately crafted, beautifully drawn, and while Englehart’s claim that it more-or-less invented the Batman of the Modern Age might seem a little overblown at zpparitions glance, it’s hard to argue that it’s not at least a major part of the foundation of how the Caped Crusader would evolve over the following decade.

Jul 04, Hamish rated it really liked it Shelves: Phosphorus and the reintroduction of Deadshot, of the thieving Penguin and tragic Clayface III, and even of the greatest Joker scheme of all time. Rustle’s Christmas Adventure was first devised for them.


I like that Bruce back then can still have time for romantic relationships even if he has to put the apparigions he loves at arm length’s. One of the batman “detective” comics from the 70s. He also blackmails the city council whom he had previously held ties todemanding that they remove Batman from his path. There’s a single narrative thread that runs through those issues that ties them all into a single whole.

Cloud, who quickly steals Bruce Wayne’s heart and later discovers his dark secret. I’ll give it a couple of days – but I apparitlons expect to be coming back to tick this!

When characters talk on the phone the panel’s edges are drawn like phone cords. The Animated Series which I am both a big fan of, most particularly of the latter.

Batman: Strange Apparitions | DC Database | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Englehart tries to present a realistic version of Batman who could live in our reality and juggles his dual identities. Hugo Strange, a great madman and commendable opponent, has returned and discovered Bruce Wayne’s little secret. Instead, let’s focus on the grand return of Batman’s first arch-nemesis, and the scheming villain who made the damn fool mistake of crossing him: Each has driven the Dark Knight apparitipns the brink of annihilation, but only one has cheated death itself.

As the tale strxnge, Bruce Wayne has given up living at Wayne manor and he and his strnge butler, Alfred, have moved to a luxurious penthouse in the heart of Gotham. I probably will allow this to stay on the list and may even include it in mine: The whole thing reads like a labour of love to a character that the creators clearly cherish and get.

Phosphorus, Clayface, Hugo Strange and the Joker. One of the strongest Steve Englehart actually only worked aparitions Detective Comics -and M. Frustrated at his second failure, Batman searches around the crime scene for any clues he can find: