ASSERTIO SEPTEM SACRAMENTOKUM u Hssettio Septem Sacramentorum OR DEFENCE OF THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS BY U)n 1., Iking of Jn0lanfc. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Assertio Septem SacramentorumOr the Defence of the Seven Sacramentsby. Henry VIII. Assertio Septem Sacramentorum. Or the Defence of the Seven.

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Furthermore, whether Catholic or not, if an Englishman, he would not likely use an edition of Fleury “printed in Corke. He had well studied both Philosophy and Divinity in his youth, his father, Henry the Seventh, having intended him for the ecclesiastical state. Having thus weighed and diligently con sidered your singular merits.

Assertio septem sacramentorum; or, Defence of the seven sacraments

Eirst, then, the testimonies against Henry s author ship. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

Joannis Fischerii Roffensis in Anglia episcopi opera Wirceburgi, Adam s words, “A man shall leave father and mother and cleave to his wife,” show the dignity of marriage a “great sacrament in Christ and His Church. What sacrmentorum items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Pope Leo X gave him the title of ‘Defender of the Faith’.

The evangelists so plainly write aassertio Christ took bread and blessed it. The same catalogue records “another edition, Baltimore, ? Inas we learn from Eras mus wssertio some allusions in State papers, he composed a treatise on the question whether vocal prayer was neces sary to a Christian.

Arthur should have been king after their father died, but he died before his father, making Henry next in line for the throne.


Full text of “Assertio septem sacramentorium, or, defence of the seven sacraments”

In general, several quotations of the King speaking Latin, or quoting Scripture in Latin, are given in this same work. Ce fut pour Leon le sujet d une grande joie. Quod si qua in parte fuisset adjutus in eo libro, nihil erat opus meis auxiliis, quum aulam habeat eruditis- simis pariter ac eloquentissimis viris differtam.

Dibdin and the “Bibliotheca Erasmiana” say it was in 4to ; and the “Bibliotheca” also says of it: We can hereafter truly call him Lutheromas- tica. Lists with This Book. The two theories of the causality of sacramental grace are contradicted by Luther; he makes faith a cloak for a wicked life; he Synopsis of the “Assertio” 33 would undo all authority and order.

He composed, the next year [], a work on the seven sacraments against Luther.

Assertio Septem Sacramentorum

Scripsit itaque assertionem septem sacra- mentorum adversus captivitatem Babylonicam Lutheri ad Leonein, hujus nominis decimum Papam, adeo sane diserte, erudite ac copiose, ut eo labore promeruerit ip- sius Papse omniumque cardinalium judicio, perpetuae laudis titulum, ut publica deinceps appellatione, fidei catholicse defensor nuncuparetur.

Retrieved from ” https: Didot Freres, Paris Since the conversion of the world, all churches in the Christian world have been obedient to the See of Rome. For, excusing his Insufficiency in Learning, in that Preface, he arrogates no more to him self, than to confess that this Task might have been much better performed by many others; and that he himself, much unfit, confiding only in the Assistance of the divine Goodness had, through the Instigation of Piety, and Grief of seeing Religion so much abused, at tempted to discover, by Reason, the Lutheran Heresies: Porro, confido fore ut hoc pulcherrimum planeque ra- rissimum exemplar multos principes provocet ad semula- tionem.


Having been destined for the Church, he had studied the writings of Aquinas and cul tivated a taste for controversial divinity, which sharp ened his intellect. There is no sacrament but what is a mystery.

If any of those who still adhered to the old doctrines had been concerned in writing it, probably, when they saw King Henry depart from so many points treated of in it, they would have gone beyond sea, and have robbed him of that false honour and those excessive praises which that book had procured him. His [Henry s] address, Ad Lectores, which he placed at the commencement, might have been taken as the production of a theologian of the twelfth century.

There, among other fast friends of the Holy See, the most conspicuous is Wolsey, a member of that college, who has caused the Pope s rescript against Luther to be published everywhere, and Luther s book to be burned, called an assembly of learned men to write against him, and supported them at his assertko cost for some months. The sacra ment of Orders is nothing else but the custom of elect ing a preacher in the Church.

In this book of Henry s More had no other share sepfem that, after it was written, he had arranged the index. As he denies “indulgences to be profitable in this life, it sacramentirum be in vain for sacramentorrum to dispute what great benefits the souls in Purgatory receive by them.